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BoneCure® is intended for Veterinary use only


strong and flexible

Strong and flexible

What is BoneCure®?

► BoneCure® is a regenerative biocompatible, degradable, cationic membrane implant that supports the adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation of stem cells into new bone tissue.

► BoneCure® is sterile, composed solely of synthetic compounds. It is micro-porous, translucent, strong, and flexible, with an average thickness of 0.35 mm.

► BoneCure® is a barrier scaffold that provides a protective healing chamber which retains osteoprogenitor cells and growth factors within.

► BoneCure® promotes guided bone regeneration (GBR) and new bone growth.


Why BoneCure®?

► BoneCure® is a safe and effective solution for fracture management.

► BoneCure® tremendously reduces healing time and complication rate.

► No modification to current surgical procedure required.

► Easy to use; can be shaped to any geometry; suture-able; drill-able.

► BoneCure® has been used for arthrodesis without the need for autograft and second incision.

► BoneCure® was tested over 10 years at international state-of-the-art labs.

► Quality manufactured in compliance with GMP, QSR and ISO 13485 standards.



BoneCure® may be used in conjunction with external or internal bone fixation devices, such as plates and screws, which serve to further stabilize the anatomical region. 

BoneCure® Applications:


► Fresh fractures with high risk for non-union and mal-union

► Comminuted fractures

►  Non-union fractures

►  Bone reconstruction

►  Arthrodesis

►  GBR procedures

►  Graft containment


Contraindications and Precautions for the use of BoneCure®:


Infection is a contra-indication for BoneCure as stated expressively also in the Instructions for Use.

Do not used BoneCure in cases of infection since the membrane will actually close in the infected area and augment its deleterious effects. The end result will be an infected foreign body which will have to be removed completely and a delayed or non-union of the fracture, unless totally cleared from infection and using an autologous bone graft.


In order to preventpost-operative infection of the surgical wound and the membrane, the veterinarian and owner should prevent external contamination from the dog's saliva (licking the wound), urine, feces or external dirt. This necessitates the maintenance of absolute hygiene and keep bandages dry and clean with frequent changes. Avoid such risks of infection during the first three weeks until the skin incision has healed completely.

In addition do not use BoneCure also in the following cases:

► History of malignancy, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy for malignancy

► Active autoimmune disease

► Any past or present immunosuppressive treatment

► Not indicated for use in load-bearing and unstable indications unless used in conjunction with appropriate fixation systems


How Supplied:


BoneCure® Membrane is provided sterile for single patient use.

BoneCure® Membrane is supplied in four standard sizes:


50x50 mm

Cat.No. REV5050/0.35

75x75 mm

Cat.No. REV7575/0.35

100x100 mm

Cat.No. REV100100/0.35

40x30 mm

Cat.No. REV4030/0.20



BoneCure® is packaged in a sterile pouch; the membrane is situated in an inner sleeve within the external pouch.

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